Types of people you usually meet in conferences

If you go to conferences, there are several types of people you will find there:

1. The movers

You move to the left to see the screen better. Then the mover in front of you moves to the left also. You move to the right, then the mover talks to the person on his/her right and again block your view. Sounds familiar? Congratulations, you have met “the movers”. This type of people in conferences can also be called “the fidgets”. They have the benefit to stay healthy because they are always moving. For you, just move your chair in front of them.

2. The whisperers

I never understand people who go to a presentation in a conference then talk all the way throughout the presentation. If you are not chosen to present your work, accept it, do not compete with the presenters! These people always try to justify their conversations by “being polite” by whispering. But, hellow, your whisper is not less loud than your normal speaking tone. It is even more annoying because then you keep hearing ssshh ssshhh ssshhh like your ears are being sprayed. Take it outside, or use your ipad to communicate to each other. But of course this solution will move you to “the movers” type.

3. The coughers

Yes your throat is itchy. In the first place, what are you, virus , doing in a conference full of healthy people? Second, although society tends to tolerate coughing, it does not give you the privilege to freely and loudly do it frequently. You make me lose some keywords said by the presenters. This is what I hear “…..So the conclusions from our studies are that healthcare …*cough* *cough* *cough*  Thank you for your attention”. Well, thank YOU, coughers!

4. The photographers

I understand that going to a conference is partially your leisure, especially because usually conferences are held in nice, touristic locations. I also understand that you want to show to your facebook friends that you are not only having the great time of your life, but that you also have some brain by going to conferences. But can you take your profile pictures outside any presentation? Not only that the light from your ipad or iphone distracts the audience from the power point presentation, you also block the view by putting your iphone or ipad so high up to get the best view, for your sake. And can you make it right the first time, instead of doing it multiple times, please?



“It took me fifteen years to discover I had no talent for writing, but I couldn’t give it up because by that time I was too famous.” – Robert Benchley
Writing may not need talent but for sure enjoyment. I used to enjoy writing regardless its outcome, until when I found enjoyment in seeing my name printed. Then the published work started to appear of which this blog is built for: to compile all or most of my published work in one webpage. I think there is some truth in what Moliere said:
“Writing is like prostitution. First you do it for love, and then for a few close friends, and then for money”. 
Maybe it is less for the money as it is more for seeing some unknown name printed (or seeing over and over again your – unknown – name printed on one webpage of yours). But over time, writing is more to produce quality writing and to develop as a writer. When it gets boring, then it is more of putting integrity in every writing.
I do write about different things, from science to travel writing to newspaper-like writing. Some because I had to, others because I felt like it. Some came from personal notes, others were built on others’ work. Motivation to write mostly comes from the urge to express my thoughts and opinions (which may become inappropriate when expressed verbally). So, writing gives me time and makes me having many second thoughts about stuff. So I revise, rewrite and revise to make my thoughts and opinions more of public appropriate. John Irving seems to agree on the fact that writing means rewriting:
“Half my life is an act of revision.”
Only for me the act of revision may actually have been saving my face so that all produced is correct politically. I then have learnt to be more polite and put more factors that can influence an outcome into consideration. So, in this way writing helps me to grow up, or to be less alternative at the very least.
Writing also adds to my identity, my hobby. I just think it is cooler to have a hobby that is published. Hobby-wise, I like my writing to have a rather strong stand. Left or right. Up or down. North or South. But to be realistic, nothing really has a clear stand in this life. Maybe in another life they have black and white completely separated. So I have to accept that my writing cannot be labeled as dark or bright. Probably “cloudy” would be the clearest stand I could made of a topic. So do not blame me if you ask even more questions after reading my writing.
What I am trying to pursue now, writing related, is to put a book in Indonesian shelves. The problem in pursuing such thing is focus related, time management related, and lack of inspiration related. Because writer’s block cannot stay for years, I assume (or hope?). A strong reason to pursue such thing regardless the amount of blocks have been put on my way is because I imagine my mom walking to a random book store in her hometown, and found my name printed on one of the books there, talking about her. Positively. Memorably. Admirably. After what she has done and taught me, implicitly and explicitly, whether I like it or not, has a big influence on who I am today, with all of the (good) choices I have made. Since it is harder to imagine my dad in heaven walking in a random bookstore and found my name printed on a book, I reckon that the other imagination involving my mom will be more realistic to pursue.